My name is Aidan Steele, a Software Developer who loves all things Swift, Ruby and Objective-C.

Melbourne, Australia

Open Source


CLI tool that makes it easier to hop between AWS accounts and profiles. Easily manage multiple AWS accounts at once from the command-line and web.


Dynamic reverse proxy for Docker containers to ease hosting multiple sites on a single server. Designed to integrate seamlessly with AWS EC2 Container Service.


A CloudFormation custom resource for storing values in AWS Parameter Store.


pstore is a tiny utility to make usage of AWS Parameter Store an absolute breeze. Simply prefix your application launch with pstore exec <yourapp> and you’re up and running - in dev or prod.


vpcjump is a helper tool to make it as easy as possible to connect to a jumpbox in an AWS VPC.


A tiny CLI tool to convert Amazon EC2 AMIs to Docker images. Useful for faster local debugging, emulating a Lambda-esque environment, etc.


ghkv is a gem (and corresponding CLI tool) to allow for quick and dirty persistence when you really can’t be bothered spining up a Redis instance.


This gem exists because the previous Ruby LZO gem (lzoruby) hasn’t been updated for 5 years and doesn’t support LZOP (as generated by the lzop utility) or JRuby.


This tool is designed to make it dead simple to integrate your custom CI hacks with GitHub’s awesome “commit status” support.


aws_sdk is a Nim library for interacting with Amazon Web Services.


Stackprofiler is a web UI wrapper for the excellent stackprof sampling call-stack profiler for Ruby 2.1+.



Train timetables don’t need to be complicated, GO lets you know when your next train is leaving.


Iconical makes creating iconfonts incredibly easy, no matter if you’re an icon-font master or just gettibng started.

Profile Manager

Profile Manager is a tool designed to take the pain out of iOS and Mac developers’ lives. If you ever find yourself wondering why an app won’t install or which provisioning profile is out of date, this tool is for you.